Friday, April 13, 2012


--LeQueen James helped cement himself as an NBA legend last night, by losing another huge game for his Miami Heat. Leading by two, everyone's favorite icon had two free throws to seal a victory at Chicago. We then got what all knew was miss, and one make. So when scatter-shotted CJ Watson cashed a desperate three-pointer to put the game into OT, we knew it was over. Bulls 96 - Heat 86. "I've gone....and done it again."

--60,000 losers will be flocking to Lincoln this weekend for the spring football game. Many of those losers can see the new East Stadium expansion progress up close. Funny how 76,000 seats was enough when NU was winning national championships. Now, when it's a fringe-Top 25 program, they need 90,000+. Further proof that building counts more than winning games does.

--Can Darin Erstad's squad get at least two of three from the 'mighty' Buckeyes? We doubt it, but hope so.

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