Tuesday, February 28, 2012

PGA Q School

--Corey Raymond is leaving Nebraska after one year. Who cares? Results on the field were spotty this year. Obviously, the were some young DBs in the mix, but most disappointing was the fact that even the veteran players looked lost this past season. Let's see what the next coach brings. Early word has Jim White and Jeff Porter as the leading candidates to replace Raymond. Bo Pinellis LOVES the fact that both have strong teaching backgrounds.

--PYB likes how OWH writers omit key facts when expressing the horror of the Nebraska basketball team's latest blowout loss. First, Lee Barfknecht fails to even mention that the team has no center when describing the team's five-game losing streak earlier this year. Now, Dirk Chatelain whines about NU not scoring more than 20 points until late in the game at Michigan State---while not mentioning that NU has no center and that its only good player was out with an injury in that game. Sure, it's ugly. But it's no surprise.

Ken Sadler is done. He's a lame duck coach. Not sure what the point is of hammering home the obvious. It's not like he ruined a program like Frank Solich or Mike Anderson. And it's not like he lacks class, professional consistency and organizational skills like Pinelli.

Just sit back and rake in some profits with your local bookie and worry about being good again in 2017 when NU fires & re-hires its next coach.

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