Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yellow Journalism

--Nice job by the Devils at ESPN. No idea how anyone even gets close to clicking on 'Submit' on this headline. Considering how the outfit in Bristol is more of a hype machine than a journalistic enterprise, perhaps we shouldn't be that surprised.

--Interesting twist to the latest Josh Hamilton "relapse." Local sports radio has covered it too, and examined the possibility that he wasn't drinking after all but that they ran with the original story to cover up the fact that he was boning a slut in the bathroom. Money can't buy class!

--Some things never change. Referees (99.9%) are fucking idiots. And Googs is still money! This is the first we've seen of him since he was slamming a beer and smoking a cig at San Felipe in Scottsdale a few years back. We still think he and Chris Corchiani could play, given today's watered-down state of college hoops.

--Nice hire, TO.....just kidding....a monkey would be better than Mike Anderson. Hopefully, the Huskers can steal one today from the might 'Zags....

--PYB has to give credit to Nebraska's basketball team for its 80-57 bottle blasting of Illinois yesterday. As we predicted, one team quit. It wasn't Nebraska, and you have to admire Ken Sadler and his players for showing up and playing for pride and refusing to get their asses kicked again on national television. It's too rare in major college sports these days. NU could have easily scored 90 points yesterday, as it shot over 50% from the field and three-point range, but Sadler gracefully called off the dogs. The roller-coaster ride will continue--extreme highs when shots fall and depressing lows when they don't.

The same can't be said for the Illini, who didn't respond to Bruce Weber's desperate motivational tactics from earlier in the week. It was a dangerous move for any coach, even if he turned to be correct. His pussy big man Meyers Leonard was sobbing uncontrollably on the bench, and a teammate next to him finally felt compelled to console him after minutes of awkward, under-shirt bawling. The web site with this link also actually discussed the sophomore's NBA draft stock......considering he couldn't score double figures against the center-less Huskers and cried like a baby, we don't see a bright future for him in the Association.

That's all we have for to the golf course.....back in time to see if Hefty can snare his second-straight win today at Riviera. Meanwhile, Tiger bangs broads and putts on Bermuda greens back in Florida, prepping for the rugged Bear Trap in a couple weeks.

PS: Can someone resurrect Whitney Houston, so we don't have to hear any of this shit on television anymore. Especially, the most ridiculous tributes---like this. Never thought I'd be begging to hear "Black Hole Sun" again. Let's spend more time honoring people who did the right things, instead of crackheads, pill poppers, dope fiends and glue sniffers.


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