Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Tale of Two Shitty Programs

--The worst of times are the best of times these days if you're a University of Nebraska sports fan. The only time excitement enters the picture is when a coaching change looms and thoughts of what might be excite the Cornhusker state. Then, when faced with actually having to produce results during the season, reality sets in and deep disappointment soon follows. Doesn't matter if it's Memorial Stadium, the Devaney Center or Haymarket Park.

The Omaha World Herald keeps hammering its pre-mortems into the state's collective head. We're not going to sit here and campaign for Ken Sadler, but we think it might be worth mentioning that the men's basketball team's latest slide directly corresponds with the team losing its only center for the remainder of the season. For Lee Barfknecht to act like he can't piece together that puzzle and act incredulous about what could have triggered the five-game losing streak is dishonest and self-serving...or more accurately...plain fucking stupid.

--Marvin Sanders left Florida Atlantic after less than two months 'on the job.' Now, more sluts to bang for Carl Pelini, who's getting a divorce back in good ole' Lancaster County.

Hmmmm.....Maybe it was true about him fucking other chicks. Two problems, though, with these latest developments: Florida sluts won't care about some cat making a mere $900k, they're after the real money. Guidos with Lamborghinis, etc. Nobody cares about the FAU coach. Carl, you're not in Nebraska any more.

AND, don't forget, you aren't exactly George Clooney in the looks department....from what I hear, anyway. I wouldn't know...I'm not gay.....

--Admittedly, there's something scary about a kid having to campaign for a scholarship. But, if there is room for four Cottons there is certainly room for one Minter. Especially if you want Mike, Sr. to come back and coach in some capacity one day.

--Illinois -2.5 over NU today...which team will quit first? May be best to wait for a second-half wager. Hopefully, NU won't be down 20 already.

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