Friday, February 17, 2012

Just Lin, Baby

--LeQueen openly talking about returning to Cleveland? Why would it be good enough for Her Highness a second time if it wasn't the first? I is for Idiot, not Icon.

--Sounds like a scintillating dunk contest at this year's All-Star Weekend. Shortly after learning of the horrible field, we learn that fans will decide the champion? And it will be only one round? We won't even have to DVR this mess. The Washington Examiner agrees.

At least we won't have to watch the crotchety judges overrate one-handed power dunks and underrate an amazing dunk by an unknown player and screw him out of advancing to the second round.....especially since there's just one round. Whatever....the contest was ruined as it became a prop contest (Kias, phone booths, etc) rather than an athletic exhibition that rewarded, power, dexterity and aerial artistry....moving on.....

--Wisconsin basketball = Wisconsin football. Beat up on patsies, can't beat a real team. Ever. This time, Michigan State blasted them.

--Tomorrow, NU fans are blessed with an epic matchup in Lincoln: a team about ready to quit on its coach (NU) vs. a team whose coach quit on his pussy team (Bruce Weber).

--PYB laughs as this bandwagon gets lighter with each missed layup and traveling call....

--Random thought as we think of reason #400 why ESPN is a piece of shit. Watching NBATV every morning shows us why we loved ESPN when it started and why we hate it now. NBATV shows either NBA Gametime or Inside the NBA every morning, complete with full box scores and extensive highlights from every game. They cover the GAMES: not all the hype and bullshit that line the pockets of those at the network. Novel concept.

--Nice round, Hefty. Looks like a hot streak. Don't waste all your energy before June again this year....we need Good to prevail over Evil Eldrick all season...The Cowardly Tiger is skipping Riviera, as he does every year, since he can't compete at the course since it requires accurate driving and good putting.

--From the overly sensitive department here....some almost valid points get hidden by columnist Tom Huang's poor delivery and borderline whiny tone. Jeremy, just keep racking up the fantasy stats for us here at PYB....

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