Thursday, February 2, 2012

Error, Bo Pinelli! Error!

PYB follows up national signing day in college football with a variety of topics:

--Bo Pinelli admitted yesterday that they quit recruiting Texas as hard once they moved to the rusty Big 10. He bordered on calling it a mistake. Idiotic move, to be sure. Who would think it's prudent to quit recruiting one of the top three talent-rich states in the Union just because you're moving to a slow, past-its-prime conference? We think it would provide your team an advantage, regardless of the premise of Mitch Sherman's pointless, convoluted column yesterday on ESPN's website.

NU seems to have corraled a solid class, even though its bipolar ways continued. Heavy on a couple positions one year, don't recruit any of that position the next. However, NU signed one player in the Dallas Top 100 and wasn't close to any others. NU signed one of the Texas Top 100. And it was only in running for one of the nation's Top 100, before whiffing on Andrus Peat, who opted to play for a team that will go 6-6 the next four seasons. Do sociology degrees from Stanford pull as much weight as its real degrees?

Pelini stopped short of making excuses for his oversight, but as always, hinted strongly that factors beyond his control (just like referees causing his 15-minute in-game tirades) hurt the Huskers' effort. This time, it was Lincoln's location. Apparently, Pinelli didn't have access to a map when signing his $3 million contract. Funny, we never heard Tom Osborne cry about logistics.

Funny, we also don't know of any airlines rushing to establish hubs in Eugene, Ore., Tuscaloosa, Ala., Baton Rouge, La., Oklahoma City, Columbia, Mo., or Boise, Id. Just to make it easy...we know American has flights directly from Dallas to Omaha and Grand Island. And Southwest has connecting flight through STL and DEN.

Good news, though. NU concentrated more on Ohio in an effort to lap up Ohio State and Bitchigan's sloppy seconds. Yay Cardinal Mooney! We'd have hated to see the team concentrate on DFW, considering its ONLY remaining impact player hails from the Dallas area.

--Speaking of Cardinal Mooney, Pinelli said Mooney Alum Braylon Heard may switch to cornerback. Rumor has it that any switch will be of the permanent, one-game variety. Fuck off.

--Speaking of nepotism, Nebraska fended off the Ohio Bobcats and somehow hoodwinked legions of other suitors and got another Cotton stiff to put his name on the dotted line. What a joke. The two most notable Cotton contributions, as a family, to NU football: consistently inconsistent (closer to bad) offensive lines and a nut sack fondling on national television.

--NU also outdueled Notre Dame for Jordan Westerkamp, the 'most prolific' receiver in Illinois high-school history. Why the fuck does NU need another receiver to underutilize? It doesn't have a quarterback! But, per this article, Tim Beck is telling kids NU will be throwing the ball more. As always, logic and planning are secondary in the Pelini Process. We're fine.

--We enjoyed the Omaha World Herald's coverage of the day, but thought it funny that the 'news outlet' referred only to the 247 rankings when discussing Nebraska's national spot, and omitted competitors' data entirely. (Rivals). Fair & impartial....unless it involves a business venture.

--Ladies and gentlemen, national signing day's version of the NIT Selection Show! How many future, overwhelmed starters and Academic All-Big 10 players will NU glean from this bunch???

--By the way, NU announced its on probation for a books snafu. Does this mean it will get two coaching staffs next year? Or is that bylaw only applicable in Columbus?

--On to rosier topics: apparently PYB is not alone in its desire to have the Super Bowl played on Saturday. We'd like to enjoy a few beers for this game and not have to rush home and go to sleep in preparation for another depressing day at work. Is it that foreign of a concept? Oh wait, this article says all those pre-game parties would be affected.....OK. The only folks attending are coked-up B-listers or people so rich that they can change their travel schedules on a whim....or star-chasing sluts who will be there regardless of date/time/location.

--Erick Strickland wants to coach at Nebraska someday. No brainer. Do it mid-season. Played in the NBA. Banged lots of bitches. Nebraska native. Once laid his dong on a dissecting tray in biology class at Bellevue West. Perfect fit. Along with Dirty Dick Strick, try to get Tyronn Lue involved in some fashion and see where it goes. They have to have more game than current assistant David Anwar and his Hitler/Jordan mustache. Just make sure to get Strickland before he works for Isiah Thomas and his basketball IQ is permanently deleted.

--Speaking of Nebraska basketball, Ken Sadler and his team have a game tonight at Northwestern. The Wildcats, with two regulars listed as questionable, are a seven-point favorite. NU has been competitive on the road all year. Bet at your own peril. Northwestern runs the Princeton offense. Nebraska has one good offensive player. Watch at your own peril.

--LeQueen James had 24 points last night at Milwaukee---in the first quarter. And his team lost. As expected, her highness went cold in the second half. The game highlights were even complete with an overhyped one-handed power dunk from James.

Kenny Smith, as we type, is on NBA Game Time and making excuses for Miami, saying that it's hard for teams to get excited to play in cities without a "vibrant" atmosphere. Just say it Kenny, too many white people and not enough clubs with VIP bottle service for the pampered NBA babies...since the only two cities he cited were Minneapolis and Milwaukee.

--And we'll end with a couple links that expound on the ridiculousness of the NBA, courtesy of the great Bill Simmons. PYB no longer reads his entries on a regular basis but, as long as they don't cover the Red Sox or Patriots, they're always great. Any time someone mentions Baron Davis's love handles, it's a solid day.

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