Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rap Sheet

A couple classics for everyone this fine Sunday morning. The Nebraska-Penn State basketball game isn't worth analyzing, other than the fact that it's the easiest money we ever made. Regretfully, we didn't toss more on Sandusky's boys at halftime. Can't wait to unload against the Huskers in the rest of the season's games, as the Mike Krzyzewski watch officially begins.....Rock that shit, homie...Rock thaaaat shiiiiiit!!!

Funny, though, how Ice Cube considered himself AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted at the time of this recording but now has no problem taking "The Man's" money while pimping Coors Light and churning out shit movies like Are We There Yet?


Postscript: Whitney Houston finally croaked after her dope-fiends ways finally caught up to her in the biggest way. The foolish world of pop-culture addicts weeps. Yahoo! News called her "a force to be reckoned with" in the 1990s, before succumbing to drugs, delusion and denial in the years following. So she was the Nebraska football of pop music? We will mourn for Eazy E, but shed no tears for Mrs. Brown.

ESPN is dropping "Tiger Alerts" all over its screens this weekend, like porn stars drop jizz all over their co-stars faces. Tiger is JUST four shots back! Look out, he's back! Don't forget he won an 18-man tournament earlier this year and almost won in the Middle East before choking and losing to the venerable Robert Rock.

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