Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stop Snitchin'

--Uh oh, Carmelo's back....Though the New York Times is surprisingly patient this morning.

--Funny how NBA never-done-shit players like Deron Williams and Jason Terry have taken their shots at Jeremy Lin. Terry, who has to be jealous because his game is garbage outside of an occasional hot streak from three-point range and riding Dirk Nowitzki's coattails to a championship.

Williams is a supposed all-everything point guard, but never did shit in Utah before fleeing and now has his New Jersey Nets humming along in fourth place in the Atlantic Division with a 10-24 record. That's 6.5 games behind Lin's New York Knicks, who are 8-2 in their last 10.....compared to 2-8 for Williams' Nets. Just Lin, Baby.

Why is it that non-black player, after tasting success, has to undergo the questions of being a "system player" and constant treatment as a sideshow more than a legitimate NBA star? Bottom line, is that these guys can play and that the 'establishment' is jealous of them due to their unorthodox backgrounds. Steve Nash, Lin, JJ Barea, David Lee, et. al.

Dear JET.....just remember that most Mavs fans wanted your ass gone before the Miami Heat decided to piss away the title and allow you to assume Kenny Smith's position as Court Jester.

--The debate rages on: Greg Oden or Kevin Durant? Durant had 51 on Sunday night, Oden has had a total of 51 surgeries and published crank shots.

--The Omaha World Herald's Tom Shatel had three weeks to publish this column and will have several weeks more this spring. Pissing on Ken Sadler after a nice win over Illinois was bad form.

--MLB spring training starts soon! Who cares!? A week of practice before teams play 35 meaningless games with no-name players followed by 162 more games after that! Can't wait.

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