Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Border War

This past week brought nothing good in the way of sports. Nebraska's basketball lost two winnable games, and its only center is likely out for the year. The New York Giants 'won' the Super Bowl, as the NFL somehow arranged for both Tom Brady AND Aaron Rodgers to tank wide-open game-winning passes when they hadn't missed a throw all season. But PYB watched a decent Kansas at Missouri basketball game Saturday night. A game that may be the last in the hate-filled Border War. If you don't believe us, watch this clip, perhaps the best things we've seen in months and certainly the best we saw last week.

And, as a bonus, at the end of our research for this entry we found this link of the Top 10 College Basketball Fights. Yes! We've got something to do this morning at work!

After watching, we question the depth of research that went into this column. PYB remembers several college brawls over the years with chairs flying. And we still contend that AI and Victor Page must sit at home at shake their heads (STDHs)when watching Georgetown get roughed up by the Chinese. Miiiiister Booooowwweerrr...!

And a couple more we found independently....

Wyoming vs. UTEP

Some good ole' scum fightin' in Illinois high school action...

And we top that off with some good ole' hillbilly fightin'...Watch for Jethro in the leopard-pattern shirt and see if you can count how many concert tee shirts you see amongst the crowd....

Sadly, we could not find footage of the king of all brawls, North Carolina A&T vs. North Carolina Central from 1990.


  1. Hands down best part about that video is that they tell the band to play the national anthem to calm shit down...

  2. oh say can you see...oh say can you see....betty boop...what a dish!