Friday, November 4, 2011

Tell Me How My Ass Tastes

As PYB flies off to AZ for the weekend, we offer some notes on various topics:

--A nice collection of college football information, courtesy of Yahoo! and the eighth grader who designed the page.

--A few prognostications:

Texas Tech +14 at Texas: Tech might make you regret this pick within two minutes of kickoff, like they did last week at home against Iowa State. But this is a hunch game -- TT ready to bounce back and Texas isn't very good.

Nebraska -17.5 vs. Northwestern: If the defense proves last week wasn't a fluke, the offense should be able to fall into enough points to cover this.

Oklahoma -14 vs. Texas aTm: We see this being another bottle blasting, like the one the Sooners handed out in Manhattan last week. aTm can't stop anybody, and OU's speed on defense should neutralize the Aggies enough to make 14 an easy number.

Stanford -20.5 at Oregon State: This is a 50/50 pick that we'll decide on after the early games. The Cardinal spent a lot of energy last week vs. USC, but Oregon State sucks.

Arizona -3.5 vs. Utah: Utah has proven they will never be contenders in a major conference. Arizona has a good offense and has shown signs of life after completing a brutal early-season stretch that culminated in Mike Stoops' firing. We like this one a lot. That said, Arizona 20, Utah 17.

Wake Forest +14 vs. Notre Dame: Vegas is giving ND too much credit considering what its done this season and Wake's home performances so far.

Missouri -2.5 at Baylor: Baylor is finished. We'd promote this one more highly if Gary Pinkel wasn't Mizzou's coach.

Oregon -16.5 at Washington: This line seems low, and after enough beers, it should be fun to bet on regardless of the result. PYB will just have to decide whether it will lift its betting ban on the Ducks, after they screwed us twice by a half point by going for two points after a TD -- for no the first half.....F U.

--An interesting link here, showing us all again that ">Shaq O'Neal is a drama queen, Kobe Bryant is a douche, and Derek Fisher was always a hard-working warrior who knew how to earn respect through actions and not words & media hype. Interesting how the NBA 'code' includes covering for teammates who cheat on their wives and rape locals at health spas.

--Speaking of drama queens, Erin Andrews always in the middle of something. This one takes the cake, however. Just get it over with and lay down for Playboy before you lose what's left of your hotness. PYB has never shared the nation's over-amazement with Andrews and once we saw the peeping tom video, it was confirmed her body was average at best. That, coupled with the fact that her voice drops an octave each year while she spews facts nobody cares about, makes her days at the top limited.

--Finally, in case you were wondering, Tony Barnhart is still a short-sighted, SEC-blinded idiot. He was irrelevant 15 years ago when he claimed any team from his beloved SEC would destroy Nebraska, even after the Cornhuskers put consistently major bottle blastings on the likes of Tennessee (twice) and Florida. How is he still employed? It's not like CBS still counts on the college football map, given that its coverage each week lasts about 15 minutes and that the clueless Tim Brando anchors its studio show.

All for now...enjoy the weekend....PYB

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