Saturday, November 26, 2011

Folks They're Not Booing....They're Slauson-ing....

If a face painter doesn't like you, should it hurt your feelings? Former Nebraska stiff and Jets hanger-on Matt Slauson took this opportunity to kick Ndamukong Suh while the Detroit DT is down. Curious timing, considering Slauson's had almost two full seasons to say something before now.

PYB says the source of his dislike is more the fact that Suh tossed him around like Haloti Ngata did last season than because he "wasn't a good teammate."

Keep in mind this is the same Slauson that was featured for fighting during training camp during the last season of HBO's 'Hard Knocks'. Looks like another attention grab for a player who couldn't block anyone while at NU and spent more time applying warpaint than pancaking opponents. We say he should just shut up and enjoy the sympathy starting spot that Bill Callahan gave him.

Hopefully, Detroit and NYJ can square off -- soon. We'll see the DT with the talent, strength and fire standing over the tattooed and painted pretender. Can't wait.

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