Monday, November 14, 2011

Cart Before the Horse

--So now we're penciling NU into a BCS bowl if they don't make the B10 title game? This is the same team that lost to Northwestern, at home, nine days ago. Have we not learned the lesson that as soon as you think this squad is in prime position, the famed Pinelli meltdown rears its head. Think Texas Tech, Iowa State, Texas...all in Lincoln.

Anyone banking on 10-2 as a given is like the hopeful boyfriend that keeps taking his slut girlfriend back after her latest foray into another guy's bedroom...only to be disappointed when she lays down for the next hunk she finds at last call. Just remember, wear a condom....and don't forget Penn State has one of the worst 10 offenses in college football. We are thinking the Insight Bowl in Tempe, Ariz. is a lock, since PYB recently left AZ after watching NU blow chances to play a bowl in the Copper State for four straight seasons.

--Enjoy Lee Barfknecth's latest Big 10 ratings, with NU only one slot behind a team it dominated two weeks ago.

--Speaking of Trojans, Doctor Sadler and his bunch try to push their season record to 2-0 tonight in the war zone that is Los Angeles. They also try to make it three consecutive wins in three years over USC. PYB is debating whether we make the call to DirecTV to add Prime Ticket to our package for this one game.....especially considering the 9:30pm CST tip. We did our best to track down the South Dakota game on, but the streaming service wasn't working.

Sadly, The Bouncer Andre Almeida didn't make the trip out west.....apparently his fatness has caught up to him and this season will be filled with nagging injuries.

--Joe Flacco still sucks.

--Vince Young still sucks.

--Arizona State has lost three of four, as expected, to help us lock down our season unders bet. The latest was a second-half meltdown at Pullman against Washington State, as the soft Sun Devils couldn't handle the cold--once again.

--Herb Sendek's ASU basketball team, though, is a 10-point favorite at home against the Arizona Mildcats tonight. Some things do change. Meanwhile, Tucson doesn't have one sports team to be proud about.

Enjoy your week....PYB

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