Tuesday, November 22, 2011

PYB leaves the heavy lifting to someone else for the day. We love this OWH comment post from Joey.

Joey says:
November 22, 2011 at 5:47 am
I’m tired of people making escuses for Bo. 48-17, 45-17 losses, and LOSING to an UNRANKED TEAM WITH A LOSING RECORD, ON YOUR OWN HOME FIELD Is just INEXCUSABLE!!!! We could get BLOWN OUT the next game, and in our bowl game. T-Mart could throw 3 INT’s in each game, and coming next season T-Mart would STILL be our QB!!!!! All Bo will do is cover for him, and say he just had some bad games, it could happen to anyone. Something tells me T-Mart’s daddy is pulling out ALOT of Benjimans to keep T- Tragic in as a starting QB!!!!! I mean COME ON, ESPN has even commented on how ridiculous he plays!!!! It just feels like Bo is here to pick up his check and head home!!!! Bo talks as if Crick was healthy, it would be different!!!…lol.. Really?.. OK.. The games he was in, how many sacks did NU have??? 1 or 2 a game??? NU was getting blasted, NU still has T-Mart still in??? Now wouldn’t a GREAT coach put in the back ups to give them experience??? NOT BO!!! Is he AFFRAID Carnes, or Turner will do what NU fans ALREADY KNOWS what they’ll do???? Which is make Martinez look RIDICULOUS!!! Bo says were a GOOD team..hmmm. Did you fans pay hundreds of $$$$$$ for HOME GAMES to see a GOOD TEAM… HELL NO!!! YOU PAID TO SEE A GREAT TEAM!!!!!!!! Even more DEPRESSING, he said ” This college is about CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!” Really?… Where are they??? Oh I’m sorry Bo, I didn’t know you were referring to the Banana Bowls we won, in replacement of a Division Titles, and National Titles!!!! That’s a GREAT accomplishment to do what you’ve done… If you’re NMSU ( New Mexico State ). That’s like SEC fans should be grateful if they ONLY play in the Banana Bowls rather than a National Title..lol ( not that I wouldn’t enjoy every second of it!!!). I’m sure they would loooooove that idea… NOT!!!

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  1. Banana Bowls - haha. Wait until we play in the car repair bowl.

    And quit telling us the program is in better shape than when you got here Bo. I hope so. We were absolute dog shit. If you're going to place the bar only slightly above the Callahan mess - then take a job in MAC and duel it out with the idol you tear up talking about. "No question" RAT.