Saturday, November 12, 2011

Live from the Black House

Guess who's back, back again
, with some pigs, tell a friend...PYB has hovered around .500 with our college football prognostications the last few weeks, but our personal portfolio has taken a hit with some ill-advised late Saturday night bets and with the NFL being the NFL. That said, here we go:

Kansas State +5.5 vs. Texas aTm: So is the Faggies' signature win so far this year their win over Baylor or a road win at Texas Tech? Not sure, but they've lost to every good team they've played. Meanwhile, KSU has lost two in a row to top-five caliber teams and is everything aTm is not. Hard-working, overachieving, well-coached. And somehow they're getting 5.5 points at home. Roll with the Mildcats. The money line at +180 is nice too.

Penn State +3.5 vs. Nebraska: Emotions will fuel a mediocre Nittany lion team. Their defense is strong. Nebraska's offense sucks against good teams. The fact that Tim Beck has gone to Andy Reid's dink and dunk passing offense in order to prevent T-Ragedies limits it even further. Actually, we're convinced Bo & Co. has done this just to pump up his QB's completion percentage and deflate media scrutiny surrounding his lack of game.

NU's defense sucks against all teams. Its defensive line is banged up. The players are mentally weak. Not a good cocktail for this shitstorm. Take PSU at +145, and if NU wins, you're still happy (if you're a Cornhusker fan). Throw it in a parlay with Kansas State's's paying just over 5:1.

Oregon +3 at Stanford: We love Stanford, but we think they aren't used to the limelight and games with as much pressure as this. The evil of Nike money prevails, as the Ducks beat the Cardinal and fuck our season unders bet on Oregon.

Wisconsin -27.5 at Minnesota: The Badgers destroy bad teams. That's what they do in order to try to fill that hollow spot in their heart that comes from not being able to win a big game----ever. Hammer time.

Maryland +20.5 vs. Notre Dame: Too many points here. The Irish join Nebraska and aTm as one of the most overrated teams in the eyes of Vegas.

All for we wonder.....were protests in the 1970s as embarrassing as the ones now? Was it just the nerds who protested, like it is now? Enjoy your Saturday....PYB...

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