Saturday, November 19, 2011


--Mark it up as two Oklahoma teams that have pissed easy wins away this season once PYB hit "Off" on the television remote and went to dreamland. We threw in the towel last night once Brandon Weeden's TD pass gave Oklahoma State a 24-7 lead over Iowa State early in the third quarter. So, surprised were we, to wake up this morning at 4:30 and see that the Cowboys had taken a page out of the Sooners' book, relinquished the lead to the Cyclowns, and lost 37-31 in 2OT.

Apparently, OSU wouldn't have been a match for LSU's speed-laced defense after all. Any national championship contender must run through a gauntlet that includes treacherous road tests like the one they faced last night in Ames in front of 38,000 fans. A team that can survive that snakepit unscathed shows true championship grit. It was not meant to be.

Alas, OSU was who we thought they were, and they let ESPN off the hook. The puppeteers at the World Wide Leader are surely stroking their cocks at a rapid pace this morning, as they think of just how to shoehorn Oregon, its sweatshop money and its hired-whore "cheerleaders" into the BCS title game. The folks in Bristol surely have to hate faking sympathy for the OSU women's basketball coaches killed yesterday, before giving their recap of one-loss contenders now back in the championship hunt.

--By the way, did anyone know that Weeden played professional baseball before going to Oklahoma State to try his hand at football?

--Remember when beating a top-five team in college football meant something? Now, teams are in the top five by default--because the overrated teams in front of them just lost the week before. Dethroning a top team is now a weekly occurrence, gets a flicker of press on Saturday evening, then is gone and doesn't mean shit to anybody by kickoff of the NFL games on Sunday.

--Is it really possible that NINE of the TEN teams in the Big TWELVE could qualify for bowl games?

--PYB was glad to see that Tiger Woods decided to show up for the President's Cup in Australia and win a point for the team Saturday. Fred Couples decided to celebrate that victory by benching Phil Mickelson, undefeated in 11 straight President's Cup contests, for the next round of matches.

--Reader question: Why are the greens at Royal Melbourne black? No clue, but you can read more here.

--While we're talking golf, we'll post a favorite video of ours, courtesy of the Diggler.

--We'll ask the question one final time: Did Gary Pinkel call timeout to try to ice the police office administering his sobriety test?

--Does Joe Paterno really have cancer, or is this a distraction to make everyone forget that he helped cover up the fact that innocent kids got butt-raped on his watch?

--Two weeks ago, the Omaha World Herald wrote flowery pieces on Tim Beck and the offensive line. Hours later, NU both had horrible games in a home loss to Northwestern. Well, Tom Shatel has chimed in just in time with a Taylor Martinez column.

--Let's get on with our picks/pigs for Saturday, a day filled with unstellar matchups:

Nebraska at Michigan: If Iowa can contain Denard Robinson, can NU's cement-footed D-linemen? No clue what happens here, but we like the over at 50. We just hope Fatshi Hardrick stops tweeting and begging followers for game pictures long enough to fucking block someone.

Kansas +31 at Texas aTm: No logic here, other than aTm has mailed this season in.

Oregon -14.5 vs. USC: Difference in speed shows up big here. For some reason, national media cretins are trying to pump Matt Barkley up into an NFL can't-miss QB. Decent draft prospect, yes. The next Ryan Fitzpatrick? Not so fast.

Oklahoma -15 at Baylor: This is our favorite pick of the day. Baylor made its bowl game already. Baylor isn't that good. The Sooners will be interviewing for ESPN today, trying to make us all forget they lost to Texas Tech. Hammer time.

That's all we got so far....Enjoy your Saturday. PYB

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