Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Foray

--While watching VT vs. GT last night, PYB posed the question: Would it be an NCAA violation of NU sent T-Vagic to next summer's Georgia Tech Quarterback Camp to teach him how to run the option?

--Putting this link together with the game film, the 'safety who peeked too long' was none other than Austin Cassidy. How many games does he get to tank before riding the pine? Playing D-III talent in D-I games doesn't work.

--Way to go Huskers! Awesome job getting that 3.0 team GPA! More proof Cassidy & Sean Fisher should be walking to class amongst the rest of the student body--not losing games at Memorial Stadium. If they are so smart, why are they constantly out of position? Keep speed on the field, the team GPA at 2.2 and trophies stocked in the case. The rest of the student body is on campus to actually study and can make up for 30 classroom dunces who can run a 4.4 40.

--While watching the Raiders and Chargers last night, it's nice that Norv Turner and Philip Rivers saved San Diego fans the heartache this year by sucking in November instead of January and missing the playoffs altogether.

--Tom Osborne says NU fans in "Happy Valley" shouldn't wear red. Are NU fans part of the story somehow? We thought the scandal was about Joe Paterno allowing kids to get rammed in the ass on his watch without reporting it? We didn't think it was about a bunch of Husker nerds who always think the world is watching them. PYB was hoping for a forfeit by PSU--we're dead certain that a team that can't tackle the Northwestern Mildcats at home won't be able to gangster up in this situation.

--The quick and preferred solution to the Jerry Sandusky case is two bullets to the back of the head. Jesus, look at the guy's teeth....if that doesn't say "I like young boys" we don't know what does....

--Speaking of sexual deviants, Tiger Woods flew to Australia early (President's Cup later this month) to try to get a win against watered-down competition. If he does win, at least he can say he deserves the trophy....unlike like his spot on the Cup team--despite what team puppeteer Fred Couples and his lackey USA teammates are saying publicly.

--Nebraska's basketball team starts its season Friday against South Dakota. And NO, Bo Pinelli will not be delivering the pre-game speech. We are predicting a 14-16 finish in the inaugural B10 season. Brutal schedule, new PG (regardless of how many props he's gotten, marginal athleticism. Hope we are wrong. We are, however, very impressed with the non-conference slate: URI, Oregon, Wake, Creighton and TCU. We'd rather see 14-16 against a brutal schedule than a falsely inflated 19-9 against 300+ RPI teams.

--According to the cutline on this link, NU lost 25-28 to Northwestern last Saturday? Is this fucking volleyball?? By the way, NU fans should always 'brace for the worst' at Penn State. Loudmouth, belligerent, East Coast drunks are never easy to deal with....especially when there are 100,000 of them and when they all hearken back to when the program was good---1986. If PYB had one wish, it's that we could smack the dirty Pennsylvania/Maryland accent out of all their mouths.

--Finally, PYB recommends the ESPN Films documentary, "Unguarded", about basketball-star-turned-junkie Chris Herren. Unlike most of this ESPN series, which is overdone and overly dramatic, this one is great. A fun look back at Herren's talent and an intense recap of his 14+ years as a drug addict, as he speaks to different groups along the way. If you watched Catching Hell about Steve Bartman, this one is the exact opposite. ESPN may have just covered this because Herren played for the Celtics, but either way, a must-watch in our book.

We hope to return with our wager selections before kickoff....enjoy your Friday...PYB

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