Monday, November 21, 2011

Just Another Manning Monday

--Nice win for Doc Sadler's NU basketball team yesterday, as they crushed Rhode Island. Sure, we've seen them hammer teams like this in non-conference play before, but this squad looks different. They look, run, jump and shoot like real basketball players. Guys like Toney McCray don't have to try to handle the ball and look like fish out of water.

Bo Spencer provides a nice scoring punch. Dylan Talley looks like a legitimate player too. Caleb Walker is as athletic as any player NU has had in 20 years. If these guys can keep performing, and McCray and Brandon Richardson can focus on the things they do well (defense/rebounding/hustle), this team could have potential.

The Cornhuskers dominated the 83-63 win from the outset. They can actually shot over 30% from three-point range. We shall see, as the first Big Ten season will be a bitch. But at least they look like a real basketball team.

We know this, the team will play with heart and will never quit playing defense. That will buy at least a couple wins in the B10. Hopefully, our preseason prediction of 14-16 is way off.

--Speaking of quitters, the Omaha World Herald's Sam McKewon provided a nice recap on how the Michigan coaching staff toyed with its Cornhusker counterparts before crushing them in the second half.

--Actually, the strategy that Jon Nyatawa mentions here is not 'throw deep on NU', it is throw the ball anywhere on any Nebraska player without #15 on his jersey. The same strategy we covered yesterday.

--The OWH's Lee Barfknecht is on point today. He confirms what we all knew--that B10 football still sucks AND that NU's coordinators are setting a ridiculous example by skipping press conferences when they are outcoached yet again.

--In case you wondered, Eli Manning still sucks. It was great watching the Philadelphia defense plant him into the turf after another one of his patented INTs Sunday night. Lil' Elly couldn't do what even the Arizona Cardinals did this year, and beat the Eagles -- without Michael Vick and Jeremy Maclin. And he lost PYB money for at least the 25th time in his career.

On the bright side, former NU CB Prince Amukamara did get his first interception in his first NFL game. If you're counting, that's one more than he had all of last year during his senior season. That is, of course, because teams 'wouldn't throw his way.' Luckily, Vince Young underthrew DeSean Jackson by 10 yards, because Jackson had run right by Amukamara.

--We make fun, but we'd pay money to have Prince back at NU along with Dejon Gomes, who was second on the Washington Redskins yesterday with eight tackles. Sorry for the weak link, but the Washington Post's online coverage lacks in the organization department.

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