Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ducks for Turkey Day

--Alonzo Whaley gets to share time as a starter with one of the worst Nebraska LBs in 20 years, because he got a good grade report. Holy shit.....we don't know where to start.....

--We're also glad to see the Blackskirts are so unorganized, that they can't get defensive calls in game 10.

--Dear Tom Shatel: Please let this stupid obsession with a meaningless, hokey trophy die.

--The Nebraska basketball team tries to run its record to 4-0 tonight against Oregon. PYB is interested to see if the Huskers can keep up shooting, dribbling and scoring like a real D-I team.

--Apparently the PYB source, a PSU alumni, who told us Paul Posluszny got suspended five games for making prank calls was exaggerating.

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