Saturday, January 5, 2013

Two-Stars at Night, are Big and Bright...

--PYB scanned  the updated Dallas area Top 100 football recruit list today. Since was being a piece of shit and wouldn't allow us to post the image all morning (we will post it ASAP) and sucks and we couldn't get a link more recent than this, we'll recap for you. Not one NU commit in the bunch and none still considering Nebraska. The only initial backseat fumblings they got were from Torii Hunter Jr., who committed to Notre Dame then snapped his femur on Jan. 1.

Remember last year, when Private Bo Pinelli said that his staff was going to scour DFW harder for recruits? So do we. But, just like his on-field product, nothing changed. We keep getting older, and they stay the same age...

Fine work, considering Dallas is one of the top recruiting bastions in the country. Remember former Cornhusker Rex Burkhead? He's from Dallas. Jamal Turner? Him too. Ciante Evans? Well.....never mind.....

Anyhow, if you BoLieve that "We're fine", consider the fact that the following schools have at least one commit on this list or are at least in the running for one: Mississippi, Arkansas State, Iowa, UConn, Wake Forest, Air Force, New Mexico, Purdue, Illinois, La Tech, Iowa State, Missouri, Tulsa, Northwestern, Duke, San Diego State, Washington, Arizona, Utah, Minnesota, Washington State, New Mexico State, Cal, Kansas State, Arizona State, Indiana, Utah State, and Kansas.

This list of schools excludes Texas colleges and all schools that would be considered higher on the food chain than Nebraska at this point. So, NU shouldn't be competing with the aforementioned schools for recruits, you say? Maybe not, but keep in mind Pinelli snatched a third Cotton brother away from the clutches of the Ohio Bobcats and just signed a two-star DT from Orlando only because they practiced at the kid's high school during Capital One bowl "preparations." We know for certain that Bo & Co. weren't aware of him prior to landing in Florida, since they don't recruit the state worth a shit. (Translation: at all.)

Remember Lavonte David....former NU linebacker and now rookie starter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He's from Florida.  So is Tommie Frazier, best quarterback in school history who had to compete for his job every year, unlike the team's current signal caller.

Hell, even Concordia College in Seward, Neb., signed two Dallas kids a year ago. We're just counting the days until Houston-area product Adam Taylor flips his commit to a school that can utilize his skills prior to 2015.

--Moving on.....Taylorina Martinez found it a good idea to talk shit after getting pounded by UGA on Jan. 1, saying NU should have beaten the Dawgs because they did 'whatever they wanted' to do for a half. Funny part is that he's partially right. Even funnier is that he is so god-damned stupid that he doesn't realize that his team "just didn't finish" because of the awful mistakes he and his teammates made and have been making for 35+ games. Sadly, it seems even sophomore Ameer Abdullah (whose fumbleitis is a huge fucking problem going forward) has latched on to the post-game excuse-making. Gotta love Jenny Football (thanks to Cheeks for this moniker) and his delusions of legitimacy.

Just win. And stuff.


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