Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fuck What You Heard

Let's make this short and sweet. So, what would any good coach do when it has a running back that averages almost seven yards per carry in a given season? Sure, PYB knows a lot of you that don't understand football would give that RB 10+ touches every week and try to win games. The CORRECT answer, which is apparent to Ohio natives only, is:

--Give him 52 carries over a 14-game season
--Take him out every time he developed a rhythm within the game.

--Then, of course, after that season is over, when all the is left around him is a fumbler, a "power back" who is a non-impact player on the Division I level and two incoming freshmen who are unproven commodities -- you try to convince him to move to wide receiver. A position where NU is stacked with three good players and one awful QB to get it to them. OF COURSE! We simply cannot believe we didn't see the light until now. Surely, this is the way to make a player feel like a valued asset and to believe in the coaches' vision. Ask him to move positions for the third time in less than a year, when he may be the best running back on the roster.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what $3 million a year is getting you. Actually, this is what $3.75 million is getting you after Tim Beck had his salary doubled after another four-loss season rife with the fumbles and bumbles that have characterized the Private Pinelli era. Within days of tanking the Georgia game by getting too cute and making Rex Burkhead a pitcher and lead blocker instead of a runner, he makes twice as much money. Seems smart, if you're the kind of guy who gives Doc Sadler a 10-year contract extension.

Normally, PYB doesn't get too upset about players leaving the program. The washout rate has always been high, and in this era, most of the players that leave are pussies who overrate their abilities. This time, it's indicative of a problem that runs deep within the program. Is anyone willing to fix it?

We're fine.

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