Thursday, January 10, 2013

Action, Jackson...

Very quick thoughts from PYB today, before we start a 70-mile trek at 630am:

--If Michigan in the second-best team in college basketball, then the sport is worse off than we ever imagined. And it's pretty much unwatchable now to start with.

--Tim Miles seems to have good control of his team and the concept of game management. Can he talk to Bo Pinelli?

--Dylan Talley's mid-range pull-up jump shot game is pointless, not to mention annoying. Get to the rack or shoot a three.

--Sand volleyball for Nebraska's women. Great to see a farce of an Olympic sport filtering into colleges. I'm sure everyone is happy for Title IX now...I mean who wouldn't want to watch a sand volleyball match instead of a great matchup of two football teams who are talented, deep and experienced because they have more scholarship players.

--Terrell Newby 'commits' to Nebraska. Glad we have a stable of running backs for the future. Hopefully, there will be a QB. And, will Newby actually sign with NU? If so, will he become the next Leon Jackson? PYB properly predicted that Mo Seisay would become the next Armando Murillo this season.

--'Bama, better than the 1995 Nebraska team? Sure.....all the evidence points that way. What about losing to a freshman quarterback at home doesn't scream 'dominance'?

PS--No pictures for you. Blogspot is still sucking cock and not allowing us to post photos with our entries....

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