Thursday, January 3, 2013

Identity Crisis

--The Omaha World Herald's Dirk Chatelain nailed it here. PYB said NU lost its identity the day Bill Callahan tried to make the offense into a run and pass outfit. NU became the 1990s Colorado---with less talent. Enough speed to crush the bad teams. However, with nothing solid to rely on against good teams, losses were certainties.

--Hopefully, Nebraska's new athletic director is playing it close to the vest when he speaks of  'no major problems to fix.' Now that construction magnate Tom Osborne has moved on, maybe Shawn Eichorst can once again focus on fielding teams that win games......and championships.

--Speaking of major problems....Nebraska began its conference basketball schedule Wednesday at Ohio State...and got expected. PYB has just one request for Tim Miles: either get really good or stay awful so we can win lots of money on these road games. To make matters worse, the Bouncer, Andre Almeida got hurt after "jumping" for a rebound.

Two notes from this link:

1. Jenny Football is ready to prepare for 2013. Can't wait.

2. Ben Cotton still doesn't know what happened on the blocked punt from Tuesday's game. We do. Justin Blatchford broke the only rule on punt team---take the man to the inside. Instead, he opted to whiff on both the inside and outside men. We'd like to submit one request--if Coach Pinelli insists on playing overmatched in-state talent, can they at least be smart enough to excecute the simplest assignments?

Did anyone see that exciting Sugar Bowl last night, where Shawn Twatson's Louisville offense shredded that "amazing" Florida Gator defense? Neither did we. Bowl season at its best......

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