Sunday, January 27, 2013

Don't Turn Me Over

--Tim Miles' NU squad gets a nice win, as his team keeps costing PYB money....

--Cool graphic from the OWH today, in case you didn't see it. Turnovers #1 and #34 led directly to losses. Add this complete disregard for the football to the total lack of attention to special teams, and NU gives away 14-17 points a game. Hence, regular bottle blastings by rated teams.

This, of couse, is proof that Taylorina Martinez is a one-man trash fire who is wasting four years of everyone's time. Only one more year of the nation's leading fumbler in Lincoln.

--With Mo Seisay filling in nicely as the Huskers' next Armando Murillo, are they on the verge of now corraling the next Joseph Carter? Mention of NU's training table and 'adding weight to stop rugged Big 10 offenses" in this link makes us fear that the next Porky Meredith may emerge. Stay tuned....

We're to enjoy the Sunday before another five days of having our nuts in a vise during the work week.

1 comment:

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