Saturday, January 19, 2013

Q is for Question

PYB kicks off the weekend with a series of questions:

--Why does Nebraska need to sign another tight end? It has a long history of wasting eligibility of All-American caliber pass catchers. Maybe they're looking for a replacement for Mike Marrow as a lead blocker, as he and Porky Meredith head out on the competitive eating circuit this summer.....

--Is anyone else not surprised that the No. 1-rated rifle team in the nation is West Virginia? Who knew years of squirrel hunting could provide both food on the dinner table and a free college education?

--So Jeremy Crabtree goes from NFL bust to serviceable possession receiver this year and thinks he can just get away with rape? PYB has not seen a shittier WR with more attitude since Keyshawn Johnson.

--Shouldn't anyone watching Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah Winfrey feel ashamed? This is a guy seeking attention on the brightest stage, JUST after the statute of limitations for perjury under oath expired. And those watching him are granting him the attention this attention seeker seeks. He never got busted for doping while on the cycling circuit, but there was a drug bust on the set of his come-clean session. Police lifted up Oprah's skirt and found 50 pounds of crack. Hey-Oh!

--From Hey-Oh! to Te'o.......Is this guy really that stupid or really that big of a conceited liar, a la Lance Armstrong. PYB says he's a liar. Hell, Brian Kelly killed a student manager with impunity a couple years back. This is small potatoes in South Bend.

--Why isn't Notre Lame taking more shit than it is? Any other school, outside media darlings USC and Ohio State, would be lambasted beyond recognition. Maybe it's because Te'o is a Mormon. How the hell is one supposed to keep up with all of his several girlfriends/wives/slaves/concubines?

--Weekend NFL action: What the fuck would the world do if Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan met in the Super Bowl? Two of the most overrated, underachieving QBs in a long time have the chance to get to New Orleans. We like San Francisco and New England to win, and the bums to stay home.

--Who doesn't roll strapped when flying? Danger lurks on every flight. Safe to say that if you can't sneak your hand sanitizer past some $12-an-hour asshole at TSA that the gun isn't likely to either.

Blogspot is still not letting us post photos, so you'll all have to go old school and just read words. Sorry for the inconvenience, but people used to have to read letters scratched into stone, so we don't feel so fucking badly after all.

Enjoy your weekend -- PYB

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