Monday, October 3, 2011

Taylor Martinez = Born Loser

Well let's get to it, as Taylorina Martinez proves once and for all why he'll never be a good Division I QB. The spoiled brat act won't work anywhere in college, much less at Nebraska. Blaming the media for his three-interception & a fumble performance. We'll end the commentary and let Daddy's Little Girl do the rest...Tiger Woods would be proud.

On the other hand, Bo Pinelli's comments were open, honest and informative for a change. He took responsibility for the team's piss poor effort, in particular the defense. So PYB would like to recap the Saturday contributions from the starters and 'top' substitutes:

Jason Ankrah--One assist, invisible throughout the game and all of 2011.

Jared Crick--5 tackles, good pressure early, neutralized due to lack of help on DL

Baker Steinkuhler--Too slow to play D-I, yet to impact a game in his career

Cameron Meredith--MIA since Chattanooga, yet to impact a game against worthy team

Sean Fisher--Fisher brought us all back to the Cosgrove era with his woeful effort. One assisted tackle and at LEAST seven misses. Seriously.

Will Compton--Could contribute with right mix around him, but is exposed due to horrible surrounding cast

LaVonte David--Only impact player on entire team. Team MVP. NU would give up 50 per game, every game without him.

Ciante Evans--Too consistently burned by consistently wide margins.

Austin Cassidy--Been covered ad nauseum on PYB. Terrible player. Can't cover his assignments, can't run, can't tackle.

Alfonzo Dennard--Obviously not 100%. Looks like a sad end to a spectacular career.

Daimion Stafford--Lack of knowledge of defense being exposed in coverage due to bad teammates. Get him near the LOS where he can hit & impact the game.

PJ Smith--Blown assignments still trump his prototype size and body

Courtney Osborne--Where did his career go?

Chase Rome--Can't do shit on the field? Smash a paper towel machine.

Josh Williams--Why do all Nebraska DEs get fat and ineffective within two seasons?

Andrew Green--Is Erwin Swiney his personal coach?

Lance Thorell--Poor man's Austin Cassidy

Terrence Moore--Looking forward to his first meaningful play


  1. Good god PYB...great read!

  2. Martinez press conf? Embarrassed for the dork. Literally like watching my 9 year old nephew talk to adults. Transfer - please.


  3. only 34 more starts left in his career. time flies...