Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beating a Dead Horse

Anyone who didn't think Taylor Martinez was a loser before shouldn't have any doubt now. This quote says it all. It doesn't matter if we lose to Michigan State? Even if NU was 0-7, it would matter. It's a matter of pride, wanting to win and not play bitch to a second-fiddle program from East Lansing that has never won shit. Never got it, never will. Only ~30 more starts with this pussy at the helm....enjoy.

Anyway, little T-Vagic has a chance to prove us wrong with a good performance, but he'll have to do it more than once to make us believe. And that, we all know, is very unlikely.

The most annoying part of this week's pre-game hype is writers who are predicting NU's bowl slots should it lose and saying the Capital One Bowl is a 'nice' option. No, it's a terrible option somehow made OK by subpar Cornhusker performances. A 7 a.m. kickoff on New Year's Day from boring Orlando. We'll pass. That, and a brutal Cotton Bowl game played on dead grass are all you generally need to remind you how hungover you are. But hey, at least they took time to design a cutting-edge logo for the game.

OK, Theo. Now win.

All for now..PYB apologizes for the spotty entries lately. The Minnesota win didn't deserve analysis--except for the fact that the Pinelli Crew butchered a rare and the last chance to get Brion Carnes some work. Duh. We'll be back later this week.


  1. dead grass. $.


  2. hahahahahahahahahahahha T Vagic!!! T Vagic!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!! you guys are soo funny!!!!! He said Vagic! Like Vagina!! get it?? hahahahahahaha yes!!!!!