Saturday, October 22, 2011

Looking Back

A top five quote from NU football history, courtesy of Mike Rozier. "They kept talkin' shit, and we kept scorin'". Thanks to the Omaha World-Herald's Jon Nyatawa for some rare footage we'd never seen.

Not sure what the dirtiest part of the Metrodome is: The horrible turf? The filthy numbers on the outfield wall in the endzone? Or the fact that the grounds crew put the yard numbers on the brown turf in chalk?

While we were at it, found more awesome highlights from the 1994 Nebraska-Colorado game--hands down the loudest game we witnessed at Memorial Stadium. So many awesome things in just a few minutes of this clip: the fact that the rankings were called "The Bowl Coalition", Kordell Stewart choking from his first play forward, Darin Erstad as a sophomore punter, Barron Miles--likely in the Top Five of all-time underrated Huskers--almost blocking a punt, Tommie Frazier weighing about 85 pounds less than he does today, Lawrence Phillips soon-to-be-wasted combination of power, speed and jukes, Tom Osborne dissecting the CU defense by using (GASP!) the tight end over and over and over, the fact the Brook Berringer was a better option runner than T-Vagic, a cameo by Rashan Salaam...Heisman winner turned NFL washout and prodigious pothead, Eric Alford starring in the game and then being outed years later as a child molester (as an aside, we remember him as the stoned guy at the corner of the bar from the mid-90s), the shovel pass to another top five underrated Husker, Abdul Muhammad, Michael Westbrook (before he beat down Washington Redskin teammate Stephen Davis), Tyrone Williams (before or after he shot at a moving car in Lincoln's rough streets), Rae Carruth! (before he murdered his pregnant baby momma!) and--AGAIN--the crowd being loud as hell for one fleeting week.

Also of note is the number of home-grown role players that NU had from Omaha that actually had talent and were glad to contribute in any way possible: Clester Johnson, Reggie Baul, Tony Veland, Damon Benning, Clinton Childs etc. What the hell happened to Omaha high school football?

--PYB wonders what the effort at Minnesota will be like today? A good effort that builds on the overhyped comeback against a bad Buckeye team? Or a turd that has become a trademark of Pinelli against bad teams: Kansas, South Dakota State or whichever school it was, Texas, Iowa State, et. al.

--Is it official that college football is more watered down than a strip club cocktail when Oklahoma State is ranked in the top five?

All we have for now. The highlights above will likely be better than anything you see in today's NU-Gopher game. Enjoy.


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