Thursday, October 13, 2011

So Sorry, It's Over

Wow. So now Bully Bo Pinelli has reporters running apologies where none is necessary. This is sad. This is not good. We cannot believe the Omaha World Herald's Dirk Chatelain caved.

Now, Taylorina has full immunity from his coach AND Nebraska media outlets. It's going to be a bumpy ride the next 2.5 seasons...or 30+ starts...however you want to look at it. Sickening. PYB can't imagine the Washington Post, New York Times or even the York News-Times kowtowing like this.

Go Cubs Go. New GM. Thank God the regime of the Creighton castoff is over. PYB watched "Catching Hell" last nite on DVR. Some interesting parts, but talk about overkill and excess drama. Two full hours on Steve Bartman, heaven & hell, Leviticus, Goats, etc. Glad we had FFWD level three on the remote.

So Nebraska loses Jared Crick for the season. Can't help the defense. But in all seriousness: Could the defensive line be any worse than it has been thus far? AND, could Crick have been playing at anything more than 60% if he had a torn pectoral all along? The best part is that now the popular theory is that Chase Rome is a star in waiting. Why? Because he has a unique name? Because he hasn't done shit on the field?

PYB remembers Baker Steinkuhler being anointed the next Blackshirt Badass on the D-Line and the guy is flat-out awful. The way he lumbers around the field gives Cornhusker fans visions (bad ones) of Mike Petko trailing plays by 15 yards. And please, on another note, can someone tell us when the last time was that NU had an impact player at defensive end? A once-proud pipeline of talent now forgotten in Lincoln.

Tiger Woods hot dog video, from his latest failure at a minor PGA Tour event.


  1. last impact DE... Wistrom (95-1997). Or is it Winstrom?


  2. Obviously Winstrom...part of the unstoppable triplets of Winstrom, Peters and Davidson.