Wednesday, October 5, 2011


--If any of you PYB readers are fathers, and are teaching your son/daughter how to throw, please follow this link and look at the still shot of the practice video. This is perfect form and will lead to a certain full ride at the school of your choice down the road. Sprinkle in a lack of mental acuity and toughness, flaky disposition and the ability to lay the ball on the turf two to four times and game and you're looking at four years of a starting job. Meanwhile, Andrew Luck sits in Palo Alto and frets about his #1 draft status should NU's quarterback make the jump to the NFL early...

In all seriousness, is T-Vag playing catch with another defender in this picture or a game of 500? Another serious question: how does someone who sucks have a nickname in the first place? Most amazing question is: how is he surprised and mad, mad, mad about taking heat for his shitty performance(s)? Props to the chick in clase de Espanol. The link says he's ready to respond....God only knows what that means.....but if he's planning on taking the game on his own shoulders we hope he knows what a loss to Ohio State's Suckeyes would bring....

--Nebraska's top unit faced off in practice yesterday (novel concept since NU did it weekly during the Osborne era). Some results of the 10-minute tete-a-tete:

-Sean Fisher missed eight tackles
-T-Ragic went 2/11 for 28 yards, 2 INT, 3 fumbles
-Austin Cassidy started, blowing three assignments
-Rex Burkhead got one carry for 27 yards
-Jamal Turner DNP
-Kyler Reed was benched due to excess talent
-36 offensive linemen saw action. 12 sustained an injury.
-The defensive played without its line to simulate live game action
-Frank Solich thought the team moved around well

--On a lighter note, link to bum fight here! Not sure which is funnier: the punch or the guy's serious analysis of the squirrel's body type.

All for now...PYB


  1. Yet another defensive, juvenile reaction to a question by Bo today.


  2. Yep. Fucking bully. Thinks he's still in high school and football stud can push around media dorks because of all the medals on his letter jacket.