Sunday, October 16, 2011

Delusions of Mediocrity

PYB was going to take the day off. That was until we woke up at 350 am and then read the Omaha World Herald's overblown and overdone mid-season report card of the Nebraska football season. It lists Austin Cassidy as the "Standout" of the secondary. No wonder nobody signed this article as its author? Cassidy? Who blew the OU game last year. Cassidy? Who stands in cement every game while receivers run past and around him for TDs before he even moves. Nice cop out with the "coach on the field" line. Seems we hear that about every shitty QB at Alabama and Ohio State who can't throw for more than 140 yards a game despite being surrounded by talent and speed. Wonders never cease.

How about Alfonzo Dennard, now finally healthy, who locked down his side of the field all game against Ohio State and provided the secondary's ONLY good moment of the season thus far? Oh yeah, and he's All-America caliber while Cassidy shouldn't be on the field in Lincoln.

--Sorry Scum Devils, still not ready for prime time. Never will be. The Quacks, pretenders in their own right, used a second half roll to stymie Arizona State and set up a match with Stanford for the Pac-12's top dog status. Our teaser with ASU at +20.5 was still good, though.

--Look at this nerd. Came to Lincoln and tried the ice cream. Awesome. Wonder if he experienced Lincoln's divine Italian food at the Olive Garden? Or the coldest beer in town at Barry's? Or the authentic Mexican food at Carlos O'Kelly's? Jeezus....

--This is going to be trouble for NU and its Poor Man's Denard Robinson.

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  1. Hey guys....after this sock hop, let's go to the union for ice cream....yaaaaaay gameday!!! Fucking nerds.