Saturday, October 29, 2011

Black Saturday

PYB checks in at T-Minus five hours until Nebraska kickoff, as we wonder which Taylorina we'll get today against those nasty Spartans: the shaky little girl or the overconfident teenage boy who tries to do it all and blows the game in the process.....anyway....we thought we'd offer some CFB wagering advice.

Several games look good, and that can mean just one thing: it's Black Saturday 2011. That Saturday where all the games look good, you're sure to win money and by the time 7pm rolls around you've gone 1-8 (with the only winner being the Clemson 2H overs) and you're down $800 and debating going big on Washington over Arizona....enjoy:

Michigan State at Nebraska: Really no clue what will happen here. Take MSU's money line in a couple parlays, though, as it may ease the pain if NU follows course against another Top 15 team. Since 2001 in those games, Nebraska is 1-20. The number we like most is the over at 49.5. MSU throws well, NU doesn't cover anybody. Cha-ching. It will be best to win some money on this 11am kickoff, so when NU loses, you can withstand the pain of eight more hours of action thinking about another lost shot at Cornhusker respectability.

Missouri +10 at Texas aTm: Just a hunch. The Aggies are still overrated by everyone across the country, but have rebounded a bit after back-to-back 2H meltdowns against Okie State and Arkansas. Mizzou has hung tough with everyone except OSU last week. Just decide if you really want your money on Gary Pinkel.

Oklahoma -13.5 at Kansas State: The Sooners blew their chance at the NC last week with an awful home loss. So, since this week's game doesn't really matter, they'll play well. KSU has had some nice wins, for a team of its mediocre stature, but the winning streak is over. To steal a line from a PYB confidante: this is the week that somebody finally figures out how to stop a slow, white guy running the option. Call it 63-20. Side note: A PYB relative, who could be likened to Mush from A Bronx Tale, loves the Sooners in this one.

Oklahoma State -14 vs. Baylor: The country has already forgotten RG III. Well, ESPN has quit talking about him. Anyway, Baylor is going back to being Baylor. And the over/'s set at a mere 81 points.

Penn State -5 vs. Illinois: The Zooker cashed in yet another season. Penn State is terrible. Somehow they Jedi Mind trick Illinois into thinking it's 1986 again.

Texas Tech -14.5 vs. Iowa State: Letdown game alert. However, ISU has crawled under the rock where it belongs, and dropped four straight B12 games. The last two on the road were by 23 and 35 points. TT will run up the score to prove last week wasn't a fluke and to move up the rankings until they play another good team and lose.

Wisconsin -7.5 at Ohio State: As long as the Badgers don't fold after last week's tank job, this should be easy. They're better than the MSU team that beat them and OSU isn't very good. Load up.

Stanford -7.5 at USC: Andrew Luck is unreal, despite what this fatass says. USC is OK, not great, and hasn't seen an offense like this.

Washington -4 vs. Arizona: Neither team can play any defense. 'Zona rode the emotions of their new, interim coach last game against UCLA for a blowout win. This line screams "Vegas setup." We've picked a lot of favorites thus far and this seems like an easy one. We'll have to gauge the success of the aforementioned picks before deciding on this game. Should it be Black Saturday, we'll go with the underdog Mildcats and watch Huskys roll, 55-7.

There you have it. Enjoy the action. Win some money.

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