Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scum Devils

PYB promises to release our annual college football season-win over/under prognostications. Just wrapping up some research. But the fact that Arizona State and Dennis Erickson are covering up the fact that reputed hothead Vontaze Burfict sucker-punched his teammate in the locker room could mean two things:

1. Erickson has no control of his team that is now set to go 5-7 on a schedule that does a traditionally horrible road team no favors.

2. That Erickson is finally rounding his Sun Devil squad into the mold of his Miami and Oregon State teams, where thug life rules the roost and wins accumulate....only to leave the program sucking his dust a couple years later.

Should be fun to watch. And the fact that he's got the media backtracking and helping the coverup only brings up more question marks. Hell, Erickson has even praised Burfict's maturity after the brawl.

If nothing else, ASU will always hold a spot in our heart as one of the last games of the day to bet after digging a $500 hole each Saturday. Well, for that reason, and the moral-less skanks that provide joy for all Tempe-area residents. (Google images link here, to help PYB avoid trouble with work IT department). Where else could The Shocker pass as a school's gameday hand motion of choice? Only in Arizona, where slutty castoffs of single moms from California to Chicago flock in droves to slam booze, blow and get ridden more than Secretariat....

All for now...PYB

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