Thursday, August 25, 2011

CFB Live = Laughable

--PYB just wasted 10 minutes watching ESPN's College Football Live break down the Big 10 for 2011. After a solid anaylsis for 9 1/2 minutes, Kirk Herbstreit decided to call for an Iowa vs. Ohio State matchup in Indianapolis. Not to mention raving about how loaded the Suckeyes are despite losing their scatter-armed QB Terrelle Pryor.

Sure, opinions are like assholes. But Iowa is going to win the Legends Division because they are a distant third-best team? And Ohio State is a lock to win the Leaders despite losing its top three offensive players for at least five games. Sound logic. Of course, the mighty Buckeyes will prevail in Indy, says Kirk.

Is Herbstreit that delusional, or has he achieved 100% puppet status in Bristol?

--In addition, we just read Bo Pinelli's recap of freshmen who might contribute in 2011. He said receiver Taariq Allen is good enough to play right now but may redshirt due to "depth." NU has one receiver who has more than a handful of career receptions.

--Barney Cotton yesterday admitted butchering Andrew Rodriguez's freshman year by pulling his redshirt, as the lineman only played 60-70 snaps. When will he admit to butchering NU's offense and offensive line during both his tenures at NU (in addition to admitting extoring UNL out of three valuable scholarships)?

--Sean Fisher is now taking snaps at middle linebacker to learn the role so he can also help at that position. Translation: he's so god-damn bad that the NU coaches can't even sell his presence as a Blackshirt any more. If you don't believe us, just watch one series when number 42 is in the game.

--So now the Nebraska basketball team will have a refrigerator that can dunk and The Bouncer, Andre Almeida. Toss in The Pansy JB Diaz and the Huskers may set a record for near-seven-footers playing below the rim.

--LSU players in trouble for beating the shit out of some locals. Meathead football players against jarhead Marines. We'll side with the football players every time in the matchup of alibis, personalities and IQ tests. Maybe we are wrong, but we're quite certain there are no "victims" here and that everyone got what they ultimately deserved. Lastly, is there any better place for a bar brawl than a shithole strip mall bar named Shady's? Been there, done that. Many thanks to the LSU Reveille.

--Finally, PYB would be remiss if we didn't mention Pat Perez's latest meltdown. Impressive scorecard (at least he broke 80), and another WD. Way to show some guts by playing round two before slamming the trunk on Friday. We'd expect nothing less, however, from this noted douchebag---the same guy who stiffed The King, Arnold Palmer, in favor of a champagne bottle after winning his tournament and nearly tore Pebble Beach in half when he choked off the AT&T years back (thanks Sports Illustrated).

Stay tuned for our CFB preview....still to come....we promise....

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