Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NFL Live = Unwatchable

We can add videos one and two to the litany of reasons that going to an NFL game is miserable. We'll remain mum about the demographics of the scums doing the brawling. Wouldn't it be cheaper, however, to just skip buying the ticket and the $10 beers and just have a gang fight in the shittiest part of town?

Hell, we'd all benefit from this, as Gangland reruns on the ID Network could certainly get better video than a dirtbag with a knockoff Smartphone from Boost Mobile. Most hilarious are the ridiculously outdated 49er jerseys: from Montana to Watters to Rice.

But hey, if you enjoy seven-minute TV timeouts, $10 beers, a fan base with an IQ level quickly sinking below that of a NASCAR race, outrageous ticket prices and missing every other NFL game that day, who are we to stop you from going?

Cholo! One more vid for good measure... For those of you who can still read, feel free to skim the San Francisco Chronicle recap here. It also includes a story claiming SF is rated among the Top 5 cities for casual sex. We are shocked.


  1. Nice footage PYB. these D-bags can fosho get a job at "Beyond the velvet rope"

  2. yeah for killing! yeah for violence!