Saturday, August 20, 2011

Run Roy

PYB liked to see Roy Helu rack up 101 rushing yards on 14 carries last night in Indianapolis, although the Washington Post didn't think it was worth mentioning in its game story. The former Cornhusker, who is surely one of the most underutilized talents to ever play in Lincoln, also caught four passes for 23 yards.

And unsurprisingly, Helu's temporary teammate Niles Paul was absent from the receiving column of the box score. Not a big deal on its own, but considering 13 other Redskins caught at least one pass it proves a lot. Hell, former Husker and PYB favorite Chris Brooks even caught a ball for the opposing Colts!

Surely, however, Paul was a dominant team leader in his own mind last night. Who else could return four punts and average nine yards per? Cut day looms large for perhaps the most overhyped Husker ever.

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