Monday, December 27, 2010

Songs that Suck II, Reader Submissions

Thanks to PYB readers for helping with more terrible songs. By basically doing this entry for us, you're definitely making our holiday laziness easier to overcome. I AM THE CHAMPION....

Game in question with just a few seconds to go?
--Pressure, David Bowie
--Pressure, Billy Joel
--Final Countdown, Europe

Player just traveled?
--Walk this Way (Thanks, Brent)
--Walk of Life (Thanks, Swift)

First-down measurement upcoming in football?
--Walk the Line (Witnessed during the horrid FIU vs. Toledo bowl game Sunday)

Instant replay review
--Sabotage, Beastie Boys (Thanks, Swift, but no idea how they think Sabotage fits)

--Another One Bites the Dust (still used by the Chicago Bulls after wins)

Songs that are just plain tired, still being driven into the ground:
--Cotton Eye Joe (Thanks Greg....was it ever not tired?)
--Anything coming from ESPN's Jock Jams CD. Volume 1 or Volume 2.
--Crazy Train (only scums whose glory days were 1981 think this is intimidating)
--Paradise City
--Welcome to the Jungle, for that matter
--Back in Black (When Nebraska's Blackshirts come on the field...get it? Black/Black)
--Anything by AC/DC, for that matter (with one exception)
--Sirius (though still deemed fresh by NU fans despite the Chicago Bulls using it 20+ years ago--when crowds were still raucous.)
--Hip Hop Hooray (also overheard during Sunday NFL action after a good play for the home team)
--Rock & Roll Part 2 (why? it's only 38 years old...almost 39.)
--Any thing by KC & the Sunshine Band

Any we missed? Keep 'em coming....

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  1. In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins prior to tipoff/kickoff of big tense game.