Sunday, December 5, 2010

Big 12 Post-Mortem

Here is a great start for your off-season reading while PYB shakes off the hangover before offering its analyis from the OU-NU game in Dallas last nite. Below is a snippet from Dirk Chatelain's article in the Omaha World-Herald, which proves how fucking clueless Shawn Twatson truly is. Instead of being one dimensional and moving the ball forward, he'd rather be "diverse" and move backward. Just a buffoon. PYB is also trying to grasp how Twatson's ineptitude cost us a 40-to-1 winning parlay and $400 with his handiwork.

So what does Nebraska do, down 23-20 with 8:24 to play? The Huskers could’ve gone back to Burkhead.

“But you get a little one-dimensional in that (Wildcat),” Watson said.

So instead of turning to the most trustworthy player on this offense, Watson turned to Martinez. Three and out.

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