Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NBA Power Poll 12/21/2010

1. Spurs – Keep rolling along and showing no signs of slowing down. Manu has been outstanding at clutch time.

2. Celtics – Right on the heels of the Spurs as they have now won 13 in a row. Shaq is back and the Celtics just keep getting stronger.

3. Mavericks – Recovered fully from the hiccup against the Bucks and back to winning with Dirk stroking it as well as he ever has.

4. Lakers – The Lakers once looked beatable losing 4 in a row earlier in the season are now winners of 5 in a row and looking like they are ready for a big run.

5. Heat – Took longer than expected but this is the type of basketball I thought we would see from Miami this year. Mike Miller is healthy and ready to debut.

6. Jazz – After the Hornets ripped the Jazz to shreds on Friday, Utah fully recovered to win on Saturday night. Tell me again why Gordon Heyward went early?

7. Thunder – Tough loss at home against the short handed Suns team at home was a surprise. Thunder shooting over 84% FTs as team this year, NBA record pace.

8. Bulls – Noah out 8-10 weeks is going to be a thorn in the side for this club who had just gotten Carlos Boozer healthy.

9. Nuggets – As long as they don’t trade Carmelo to the Knicks they should keep their perch in the Top 10.

10. Magic – Anxious to see how all this wheeling and dealing pans out for Orlando. I liked the trade with Phoenix, except for losing the pick. Getting Arenas is like rolling the dice. Both he and Rashard Lewis have terrible contracts.


  1. "Mike Miller is healthy and ready to debut." - what a great prediction - he had a stellar game against the Mavs.

  2. I have never heard more hoopla about a shittier player. Mike Fucking Miller? Please tell me you've pinned your hopes on something more than Mike Fucking Miller....