Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Meet Me in Midtown...

Wow, if Omaha wasn't big time before it certainly is a major metro area now. First, a PF Chang's, then a Cheesecake Factory, then a Costco, then a new area of town called Midtown is contrived to make it feel just like Sex & the City......now an ugly slut Top-40 music 'star' comes to town to drink in a dumpy area of town at some dumpy bar! What's next? Bob Seger at the Qwest? College World Series? Oh wait, DONE and DONE. No biggie.

Speaking of shitty things that think they're awesome...Niles Paul tweeted that he's back! Great. Husker fans hated having Rex Burkhead handle punt duties with sure handedness...it was too relaxing. Paul was also compelled to tell everyone how much shit Washington talked in the first game in Seattle. This, from the biggest talk-and-do-nothing player in Nebraska history. Husky players were probably making fun of Paul, asking how the hell he got a Division I scholarship.

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