Friday, December 17, 2010

Monsters of the Midway????

--This would have to be enough to make Dick Butkus puke. A Chicago Bear whining about a frozen fucking field....and making about 1000 times more than Butkus and the real tough guys did in their heydays.

--Mike Shanahan just hit the panic button. Benching Donovan McNabb....maybe. It's still a bullshit move considering the Redskins' best weapon is of third-receiver caliber in Santana Moss and The Rat Shanahan's backfield has been a less-than-stellar running back-by-committee. Either way, going with Rex Grossman is the NFL equivalent to signing your death certificate.

Guess what, Mike, this ain't Denver and the Mile High Salute is 13 years past its prime. Not hard to see he's trying to deflect blame for Washington's disappointing season onto McNabb and off of himself, as he grovels for another year wearing the headset for Daniel Snyder.

--Guess who's back? Guess who's back? Guess who's back? We are so relieved....

--Bo Pelini didn't go to Miami, but why is he always the story? Is it because Nebraska media don't have shit else to cover, or because he's a dick, or because he's a drama queen?

--"Six feet tall but I feel like Yao Ming, standing in the lane surveying everything." The Chinese big man's career takes another crushing blow. He'll have to go the way of Mutombo and Bol and raise money from now on...

--Is there a better cheer in sports than the New York Knicks' organ & DE-FENSE chant? Ifyes, send them in to PYB....

--Awesome. Was the a windshield in front of his face?

--Cool band gig...

--Wow. Sheesh. Wow. This would be like Eric Crouch getting called away from his swingset business to play for the Omaha Nighthawks!

--Tony Romo is a dicksucker. We are not hating on him for banging another hot chick. It's the fagotty hat that he insists on wearing and his Peter Perfect enunciation at press conferences while explaining his team's latest flop. Fuck you.

--Finally, we were thining poor Lamar Odom...until it's shown he was Photoshopped into this embarrassing, skank-laden bit. Couldn't he bang another slut that was better looking with less baggage and camera time?

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