Saturday, June 2, 2012

Somber Saturday

--PYB was scanning this morning and clicked on this story. Once we saw the name Zane Harvey, we thought it had to be. Don't run across many Zanes. Once we saw the picture, we knew. Despite not seeing him since we shared an English class as freshmen at the University of Nebraska in 1992, we somehow remembered the name. An awful tragedy.

We barely knew him, but it always hits home when it's a classmate. Quiet guy -- seemed like a gentle giant. And apparently, a good person contributing in the best of ways -- as a coach and a teacher. Probably a lot better person than we've been thus far. Best wishes to his family, friends, players & students.

--A good, more in-depth-than-ESPN-can-muster story about Junior Seau's final days.

--More sad news of the early passing of one of the great NBA names from the early 1980s, Orlando Woolridge. Names that stood right up there with Dallas Comegys, Benoit Benjamin, Wolrd B. Free and Olden Polynice....and we're sure w'ere missing a bunch....send any you think of this way!

--Finally....a little more positive news this morning......high-school footage rarely jumps out at us. So, when the OWH said the upcoming link was spectacular, we were skeptical. After watching Chandler Hamilton's Cole Luke ourselves, they were right. This is a playmaker making plays against pretty decent talent (not Cardinal Mooney type talent, but pretty good). This is a must-sign prospect. His name may scream "Northern Ohio", but his game screams difference maker--a rare asset in Lincoln these days.

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