Monday, June 18, 2012

More Fishy than Long Snapper

PYB rolls out of bed today this Monday with a shitload of work ahead, but some common, annoying themes on its mind:

--Nothing worse than investing 15 hours of major-championship viewing in a weekend, only to see Webb Simpson win the US Open. A guy with a pansy name whose Sunday outfit made Davis Love look manly in comparison and outdueled 10 other guys worth rooting for--tremendous. Sure, we're sure he's a nice guy, but we'll never root for a guy who dresses like a pussy.

--Queen James is going to get his ring. But he's still the Queen. With an opportunity to close out OKC last nite, James put up a horrid jumper that was made more horrid by the way he alligator-armed it up there. LQJ followed that up with a missed free throw, and all was right in his realm. Good thing for him, the Thunder blew its load vs. the Spurs and has nothing to give in the Finals.

--Southern California....nope. South Florida....nope. Texas....nope. New Jersey...nope. Sioux Falls...hell yeah. A suburb of South Bend, Ind......fuckin' A right. Can somebody please get Bo Pinelli a map of the United States before he runs the NU program into a tree Solich style? Anything more fitting for this program than the fact that it is offering scholarships to a long snapper? Guess that is a key position for a team that can't move the ball.

PYB personally believes that Nebraska coaches can't recruit, because they don't have maps...therefore, such as, like the Ohio State therefore US Americans living in the Cornhusker state are fucking pissed that the team can't win games against good teams. Can we get Mario Lopez to attend NU games next year to conduct the halftime interviews with Pinelli? We're fine.

Duty calls....please feel free to send any television or real-life sightings of Rickie Fowler disciples our way....we're compiling an album.....if the disciple is a bit on the portly side, all the better.

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