Saturday, June 16, 2012

Olympic Dreams

PYB chimes in with an early rant on a Saturday....searching for a meaningful story as the NBA season winds down and the summer doldrums near:

--Some good coverage of David Stern's arrogance. Der Kommissar seems to be crumbling as allegations of lottery-fixing (not even game fixing) are broached. Jim Rome even lobbed Stern the inevitable question in the softest manner possible, and the response was sadly transparent. Rome handled it like an absolute professional, and Stern kept pouting like Dwyane Wade after not getting a foul call. Anyway, we're just glad when the national media can beat the anti-Stern drum instead of us once in a while.

--Supposedly Queen James fouled Kevin Durant on the potential game-tying shot Thursday night in game two. PYB didn't see a foul, and nobody but Joey Crawford with an agenda could have. Maybe OKC shouldn't have fallen behind by 17 points and shouldn't have had the nerve to beat the Spurs if they were going to go yellow in the NBA Finals.

--After watching about 30 seconds of the CWS Friday, something is missing. Something makes it unwatchable. Did Rosenblatt really make the event? Possibly.

--Intestinal virus or massive post-relapse hangover? If Josh Hamilton did just get a case of the shits in the outfield, our apologies to him, especially since the Rangers were wearing home whites.

--Anyone considering flying to Southern California for the NU-UCLA game, keep in mind Los Angeles is a dump and so is the Rose Bowl. AND, Taylor Martinez is the NU QB, so a loss is likely. Save your money.

--ESPN sucks. Anyone who doubts that fact, just watch five minutes of Chris Berman announcing the US Open this week at Olympic Club. Things we've learned: Jason Dufner has a bad golf name because Dufner starts with "Duf". So does Olin Browne, because his initials are OB. Get it? The shortly mowed grass on a par 3 is called a "fairway," and a made four-foot putt on Thursday is worth screaming and shouting about. Talk about a fat pig in a china shop.

Berman, of course, isn't the only ESPN eyesore/embarrassment. So is man-woman Erin Andrews. Overblown as incredibly hot by the sports-nerd crown that hasn't sniffed a piece of pussy in their 25 years on Earth, these pictures show that she's just not all that. Odd body, fat fake tits and a face that reminds us of a cigar-store Indian. Sure, we know looks aren't what make a reporter.....but her performance doesn't hold a candle to legitimate female sideline reporters: Michele Tafoya, Doris Burke, et al.

Best part is...we're not sure if this TMZ pictorial is Andrews or the avian Sweet Dee frolicking on the beach? Wait, Sweet Dee is way hotter.

 Lesson here: ESPN is the is the show....the NBA Finals and US Open themselves are just minor details.....and don't fucking forget it!

--Speaking of the US Open, Eldrick Woods is obviously feeling at home in San Francisco--a place where his ways as a sexual deviant aren't given a second thought. He may rack up major #15, as he's finally found a place where he can hit iron off every tee, hit a mediocre wedge to 35 feet, leave his lag putt 4 1/2 feet short and then make the routine par putt and pump his fist as the gallery and television announcers exalt the fact that he's back to 2001 form. High drama! What a great Father's Day weekend for us all!!

--Finally, why does the Omaha World Herald feel compelled to write the "Omaha-is-a-big-event" town every time a sports event is held there? Like the inadequate sports star listing every meaningless achievement he had, Omaha beams with pride about holding a swimming championship nobody fucking cares about except eight-year-old kids who think they like the Olympics until they realize it's the most corrupt sporting event in the world. A College World Series that has been stripped of all its character in 18 short months. An NCAA regional that Boise and Laramie hold every other year. Just please, enjoy your time in the limelight, embrace what Omaha is.....a boring and shitty town with some decent jobs that looks good on television. Oh wait....a nice place to raise a family.

Drop the dreams of luring a professional team. There isn't enough money and Nebraskans are too racist to support the NBA since most the players are black. Bask in the two weeks of ESPN limelight, stand in line for Erin Andrews' autograph and get a taco from Zesto's.....or whatever the hell they serve.....

Finally, congratulations to Ken Sadler for landing a job at KU. We called it and knew he'd land on his feet at a program better than NU....a program that most likely has a good athletic director who is more concerned with winning than building skyboxes. Doc will parlay this into a role as a bench coach and help the Jayhawks to get to the round of 32 every year, before their nearly annual premature exit from the NCAA tournament. 

As for the link we posted here, we pulled the first one we could find on a Google search...ironically it's from ESPN and laughably the uninformed author says Sadler got a raw deal in Lincoln. Sure, Doc was a great guy but apparently, judging by his talent level, he thought his charge at NU was to field the school's junior varsity team. This said, conveniently, as another of Ken's high-powered recruits was given his walking papers by Tim Miles. No clue how the Huskers will replace the nine points that Corey Hilliard put up last year...hell, Kevin Durant puts that up in three possessions.

Enjoy your weekend....PYB.....


  1. KU with an round of 32 exit...hardly bro....ROCK CHALK!