Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DoggPile for Life

PYB rises early with a few random thoughts, pondering if the fear of choking was enough to make Queen James fake leg cramps with Game 4 in the balance last night:

--Horrible shoes. Embarrassingly horrible---likely worn only by the same dildos who leave the tags on their hats. Jason Whitlock expounds on the shoe companies' greed.

--Princess Dwyane's Baby Mama Drama makes him a diva on and off the court. If you thought Dwyane's mom fucked up when spelling his name, take a look at his ex-wife's name.

--The NBA Finals is unwatchable. PYB couldn't care less who wins. Every game is relatively close near the end. But it's bad basketball. Neither Miami or OKC understand the value of making every possession a quality possession. When one team amps up the defense, the other just lets one of its stars (James/Wade/Durant/Westbrook) dribble until 10 seconds remain on the shot clock before throwing up a trash shot. We wish we'd had the chance to see the Spurs and bitter Greg Popovich dismantle the Heat.

National media outlets have begun riding Queen James' dick like he's the second coming of MJ, anointing him a champion....ignoring the fact that he's followed the same script of fourth-quarter futility and been blessed by the fact that the Thunder aren't nearly ready for the limelight. Is it Baseball Tonight season yet?

--Speaking of unwatchable, PYB ponders a question while thinking about the College World Series. Is the success of Kent State and Stony Brook good or bad, if you're a program like Nebraska? On one hand, it gives NU hope because it's proof that someone besides the traditional powers can get to Omaha. On the other hand, if high school players know they can win at those schools, it gives them less incentive to go to Nebraska or one of its peer schools. If they're leaving home, they're going to warm weather. The same happened in football (Cincinnati, South Florida, TCU, Boise State)....and basketball (countless schools)....

That's all we've got....scoured a few of our daily links with little else interesting to report, make fun of, or complain about....enjoy the day...


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