Thursday, June 28, 2012

Little Boys and Girls, They All Love Me

PYB apologizes for another absence, but not much makes us want to write during the summer MLB doldrums....especially when our team of choice is the pathetic Chicago Cubs. Anyhow:

--One of our pet peeves is when a company changes a website that worked perfectly well and had a good layout (too rare, somehow) and turns it into a piece of shit. The latest example: At first, we thought it was just temporary glitch, but now, the wholesale changes make it unreadable. Feels like we're reading local coverage for some hack newspaper in Shreveport. The Big Red Today section is the worst, making readers scroll halfway to hell to get to the first article.

--York Dukes, holla. PYB doesn't remember any YHS grad with any connection to Olympic qualifying, so this is pretty cool, regardless of how rigged and corrupt the games are.

--From a former Cornhusker with his head on straight to a current Cornhusker with his head in the clouds. Kenny Bell's Afro Puffs must have sucked the common sense out of his he showed how disconnected from reality he and a lot of D-I athletes are. Disrepecting a free education...only done by a fool not incurring $100k in debt to get one. Clamoring like he's a big-name player after one season as a receiver, where he racked up 461 yards and three TDs. Meet today's athlete...entitled, arrogant, obtuse and just not that good on the field.

How soon Mr. Bell forgets pissing down his leg at Ann Arbor and fumbling the game away. What more would you expect from someone who nearly signed with Colorado? He's a fucking disgrace to those before him....those who played to win games and championships. Those who played for pride and not so they could say "I make NU and the NCAA a ton of money." How the hell can we get guys spouting off about being top-dollar entertainment when they haven't even made the NFL, CFL or IFL and are currently positioned as role players on a middle-of-the-pack team in a mediocre conference?

We do agree with the his statement about the bowl traditions being eradicated. The new playoff is a joke. A money-fueled joke. Look at how boring most of the BCS title games have been so far. Neutral sites filled with corporate suckers in the stands. This will be worse. Contrived and corrupt.

Bell says the changes should have been left to the men who play the game to decide. The men, Kenny, are in the NFL or working $35,000-a-year jobs to pay down the $80k debt they have from student loans. You guys are kids. Fucking kids.


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