Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back Again

PYB apologizes for an unplanned absence (illness followed by last-minute work travel), with a Tuesday assortment of quick hitters. Hopefully, the unplanned absence set you back less than unplanned pregnancies by deadbeats has set back your tax dollars during your working years:

--This is pretty amazing. A 14-year-old in the US Open? Hopefully, this year, the USGA will grow the rough out again and make it a part of the tournament -- unlike the last two snoozefests...

--We never commented on Justin Blackmon's DUI,
where he blew a .24 on the Breathalyzer. Obviously, with a BAC that high, Blackmon just remembered that his QB is Blaine Gabbert. Why on Earth did the Jags add him and Laurent Robinson, when they don't have someone who can throw it more than six yards downfield?

--What else can you expect from Kansas City? And can someone possibly be that stupid?

--Nebraska just signed another player from....drum roll please..OHIO! Fuck yeah! So much for recruiting Dallas harder this year....or CA....or FL....but at least NU beat out Cincinnati and Miami (Ohio) for his services. Things are looking up!! When a recruit talks about being a decoy in the article about his commitment, it just screams "playmaker."

--The Lincoln Journal-Star posted an article on Facebook (that was broken, shockingly), stating that the new seats in the Pinnacle Bank Arena will be wider. Another shock. Lots of obese folks in NE, made worse by the extreme width of the denim on their Silver Tabs.

--Are you ready for some....hyperbole....this week? Eldrick Woods at the US Open and LeQueen James in the NBA Finals, both garnering accolades because they beat up on sub-par competition in their last competitions. Fuck, this should be fun.....

All we got for now...back in the game.....


  1. As Bruce Chen would say... "Finaree, he back"


  2. Doc Sadler hired by KU. Good luck with Tim Miles, NU. Let me know in 5 years how that's worked out for ya.

    Fighting Negativity from Dusk 'til Dawn