Monday, July 25, 2011

Top 12

As PYB scoured the internet sports realm today for something meaningful (besides the Cubs racking up their first sweep of the season against a team that's 30 games under .500), it came across this ranking of September showdowns. College football will have likely seen several "Top 5" teams fall in 'shocking' upsets. Here are a few tidbits we pulled out of this Rivals entry:

#12. Missouri at Oklahoma: OU 55 Mizzou 7. Guess the loss of Tyler Gabbert won't mean much after all.

#10. USF at Pitt: Unless this is a Thursday game and we have a reason to bet on it, we don't give a shit.

#9. TCU at Air Force: All the suckers harkening back to the heyday of the wishbone in Colorado Springs take the Falcons +8.5 and watch TCU roll 48-13.

#6. Utah at USC: Hello, Utes. Welcome to a season where you have more than two real games. Trojans 38, Utes 14.

#5. Miami at Maryland: We have no idea who will win, but the final will be 23-20. The game will be boring and include horrific QB play for 59 minutes before a last-second FG decides the victor.

#4. USC at Arizona State: Hmmm....ASU is expecting good things this year. It gets a prime home game to finally get over on a rival that has killed them for years. We call it 28-0 USC after one quarter and 49-17 final.

#2. South Carolina at Georgia: The matchup of great uniforms sounds tantalizing all week as we wait for Saturday. Just one problem. This is not 1995 and neither team likes to score in big games. Call the score 3-0 at halftime and you'll have switched to The MTN out of sheer boredom and will be debating betting the second-half overs of 42.

#1. Texas aTm vs. Oklahoma State: The reason the author picked this game is a mystery. Unless he has never seen either team play. Two perennial also-rans who will both be title-less come December. The only fun here will be to watch and count which coach makes more blatant gaffes: Mike Sherman or Mike Gundy. How Sherman hasn't been axed yet is a miracle. Maybe it was that gift-wrapped win over Nebraska last year that saved him.

A few more items before we go:

--The column remarks on how Wyoming sold more than 10,000 season tickets for the first time this season and that it may have to do with their rad new uniforms. Either that, or the fact that they play Nebraska in Laramie.

--Author Mike Huguenin also anoints Herschel Walker as the greatest college football player of all time. Just because you say so, Mike. What about Eric Crouch?

--Lastly, Desmond Howard published his personal memoir titled, "I Wore 21." So listening to his less-than-informed game analysis on ESPN isn't enough and we're supposed to read his book? We will pass. We'll wait for the blockbuster by Mark May instead.

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