Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sniff Sniff

--Obviously, this story tells the world all it needs to know about how big a PUSSY Tyler Gabbert is. But PYB would not be satisfied without thumping the point home one more time. This story from the Sporting News even gives us a couple more gem quotes from Big Daddy Gabbert--protector of both his wimpy sons.

Our main reason to root for the NFL lockout to end is so that we can see Pussy #1 (Blaine) get destroyed by players ten times nastier and better than the ones he couldn't handle in college. Any person we meet named Tyler that is NOT a pussy will be the first. We'd say the pic we included looks like a tennis player, not a starting CFB QB, but that would be an insult to tennis players across the nation.

Daddy Gabbert says "lots of kids transfer every year." Well, Daddy, there are transfers and there are quitters. And the pattern started with Blaine finking out on Nebraska, then Tyler doing the same, then Blaine not winning a thing at Mizzou, then Tyler quitting after sucking in the Mizzou spring game (but not officially losing out on the starting QB job), then Tyler quitting at Louisville before starting.

--Anyway, on to happier things as we watch Steve Stricker attempt for a three-peat at the John Deere Classic. Stricker is a nice guy, probably too nice as he cries at the drop of a hat. But why does he feel the need to beat up on PGA Tour also-rans at this level of event? The former World #1 can't win a major because he doesn't quite have the game or the balls....but he should be's like a MLB star going to AAA cities and taking aim at all the jersey chasing sluts and stealing them from the minor league lifers after the games....It would be like the best golfer in the world pounding waitresses at Perkins and stealing them from the truckers who are lined up, salivating over the hail-damaged legs of the single mother of four. Oh...wait....

--Derek Jeter goes 5-for-5 on the same date he gets his 3000th hit...which was a home run, nonetheless. Is David Stern running MLB during the NBA's lockout?

--Yellow Cab. Yellow Cab. Yellow Cab.

--Annoying sports trend #5000: Calling a dunk a 360 when it's a 180. 85% of NBA players could do this dunk.

--By the way, nice web page design Sporting News! Who's does your page layout...PYB??? And how the hell does AOL still exist? It was garbage even in the dial-up era.

--Finally, if you want Nebraska football with an EDGE...go here...these guys don't give you fluff! They tell you how awesome they are and about the opportunities they turned down. So, re-posting links from other sites is EDGY reporting? It's what we here at PYB do when we're too busy to write something original.

Tell me this isn't your best shit. Tell me you've come with something better than a template blog and some regurgitated crap from ESPNU. ZZZZzzzzz

--And the answer to this question: do THESE ever get old?? Yes....Hell Yes. When your team sucks, you use the same tired songs as 25 pro teams do and your team has lost every big game the last 14 years then YES, they are old as shit. Were the royalties for "Don't Stop Believing" too pricey?

This particular montage does add to topical points:

1. Has Nebraska ever done less as a team with so many special talents on the roster as it has in recent years? Suh, Crick, Dennard, Amukamara, Helu, Burkhead, McNeill, Reid, David, and Cotton?

2. Watch near the 4:30 mark and see Blaine Gabbert get rocked twice by 180-pound DBs and go into instant turtle mode---before he even hits the turf.

OK, we are OUT. Yard work calls, as we try not to wear out our welcome as a house guest....


  1. hahahahahaha this blog sucks.

  2. you guys have ZERO followers and get ZERO traffic. how can you even think to call out another blog? Hilarious!!!

  3. you wish you could write like me....

  4. You guys are f'n great--keep up the good work

  5. hopefully your yard work business is booming, your writing is at a 1st grade level.

  6. shakedown breakdown busted