Thursday, July 7, 2011

Black & Yellow....Black & Yellow...Black & Yellow...Black & Yellow...

--PYB isn't thinking "Hawkeye Yellow" when we watch this video. We are thinking "State Farm", as in your bitch in this video ain't fly...she needs an insurance policy for the hail damage on that flabby ass. Sadly, we've seen many groups worse than this on stage at the Big Fish Pub in Tempe. And, is there anything more embarrassing than seeing a hip-hop nerd?

--We received the link to this story about Michael Beasley getting back on the pipe from AMG, with the message titled "Duh". We second that emotion and knew Super Cool Beaz was no rocket surgeon when he told ESPN's pre-game cameras he was 'gonna go for 50 vs. Nebraska' and instead score about 10 and lost to a shitty Cornhusker team in Lincoln.

--Our post of Kenny Anderson at Eppley Airfield made several readers harken back to the good old days, when college basketball was good and the ACC was great from top to bottom. On that note, we drop a video of the great Randolph Childress and his most legendary move vs. the Tarheels. Best part of this: the reaction of several members of the UNC bench....

--Speaking of the ACC, Duke alumni continue to find way to embarrass themselves and the program after leaving school. Whether it was Cherokee Parks' hair, Christian Laettner's headband, William Avery's flameout, or Carlos Boozer's turtle-job in the 2011 playoffs, it was horrifying to Blue Devil fans and amusing to the rest of the country. Add John Scheyer to the list. Thanks to the Diggler on this one...

Sorry for the continued lack of product on the site.....slow news time in the sports world and travel schedule is still heavy. We should be back on line full time around August 1, just in time to temper the overenthusiasm of the Nebraska football fans that don't realize the team doesn't have an offensive line or quarterback and lacks depth at every other position. Should be fun.

All for now..............PYB

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