Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's the Matter, Rookie Fuckwad??

--No way Charlie Sheen threw 85 mph. End of story. No way he threw 75 mph, either.

--So a QB who transferred from NC State to Wisconsin for no good reason who has compiled a 20-18 record and 59% career completion percentage is the difference between the Badgers being average and winning the Big 10? PYB says not.

--$8.8 million for Greg Oden....who has missed two full seasons in four years? Is that $667,000 per crank inch? $1 million per point scored? The Oden or Durant draft argument may have been more inane than the Leaf or Manning debate....PYB wouldn't give $8.8 million to Oden for 10 years of which point Oden would look like he's 55 years old.

--Losers unite in Louisville, the perfect, depressing place for losers....

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